Helping our frontline heroes and Melbourne hospitality

Community focused. We are a group of community minded professionals based in Melbourne who have banded together to support our frontline workers and local hospitality businesses.

Buying meals. We raise funds to purchase meals and organise for their delivery to participating hospitals and other frontline services.

Targeted support. We have been working with hospitals, COVID Testing Centres and Victoria Police to provide tailored support to their staff.

How does it work?

Funds are raised through crowd sourcing and once we reach a certain threshold (between $500 and $1000) we check availability with participating hospitality businesses to prepare meals for the next shift. They will be asked to design a suitable meal based on the funds available and organise delivery where possible.

How does ordering and payment work?

Once the order is confirmed, the hospitality business will need to provide an invoice which will be paid as soon as possible, noting there may be some delays before funds are released to us. The amount that is paid for each meal will be in the range of $5-15 to maximise the number of businesses that can participate in the program.

How many meals need to be made?

This will usually be between 30 and 75 however may be as many as 100 for a shift. Meals will cater for options where required, including vegetarian and gluten free, and meet the highest standards of food safety.

How are the orders matched up?

We will do our best to match up orders with businesses based on location, availability and capacity with some shifts requiring more meals.

How will the funds raised be spent?

All of the money collected is managed by a Trustee and will go directly to the hospitality businesses minus a very small fee (less than 1%) for administration of the donations and payments of invoices to hospitality businesses. Other than that, we are all volunteers and are currently absorbing the remaining running costs ourselves.

How do I get involved?

Frontline response sites that require our support, businesses that would like to offer products to be used or interested hospitality businesses, please register on our contact page using the form. If you’d like to help with the program, the best way to contribute is to make a donation through our mycause page.